I’m (kinda) back!

I haven’t written since October, and there are still hits every day on this blog. I keep getting comments too from people who are using the bread recipe, the date bar recipe, and the brownie recipe (which I can attest is still a very effective way to get your daily requirement of chocolate).  I am flattered and while re-reading posts to see why the heck people keep coming back to this site, I was reminded that I had a garden, way back in summertime.

The other day, I made some crazy fig-glazed trout thing for dinner and went to the basement to get some potatoes to roast with the peppers and cherry tomatoes. There were 5 potatoes left in the box. Those piles and piles of Yukon Golds from the garden are GONE! and only a couple sprouts on these last hangers-on.  Thus ends Garden 2011. I guess it’s time to start shopping for seeds!

This weekend we had a crazy snowstorm and spent yesterday camped out inside and today shoveling ourselves out. The wind is still nuts outside and it’s bringing me back to the beans post about chopping wood – That yellow Ikea bag is still hauling wood. There’s 2$ well-spent.

All this to say: I love the way the seasons go around and around, and how last winter can seem like yesterday, while the summer can feel decades past. And now, how a picture of last winter would have a 6-month old in it, but this winter, would have an 18-month-old… Ah, before I start getting into the metaphors, I’m gonna get to the point and then hit the sack.

Things have been really, REALLY, excessively busy for me in the last couple of months  and I have missed writing. I won’t bore you with the details, but I think things are slowing down a bit, and I hope to be able to bring you and my sister some more stories soon. I was trying to think of big news or something to share, and I couldn’t come up with anything except the potato story, so I’m going to leave it at that for today. Unless, Pippa and Sari, you want more about the potatoes.

Things got so busy I had to hire an elf to manage my schedule

Some things I’ve made recently that might get you inspired and tide you over:

  • Preserved lemons (VERY experimental at this stage)
  • A really yummy barley and kale and mushroom soup
  • Something excessively non-vegetarian that starts with T and ends with –ourtière
  • A kind of spanakopita-inspired pie with the best crust ever…wait for it…
  • Broccoli roasted with bacon and parmesan. Yeah, OK, I’ll post about that one next time I buy bacon. 
  • Oh! and how could I forget? I didn’t write after October cause I was teaching myself how to sew! And I got all obsessed with that, it being almost Christmas, and I stayed up late sewing every night.  But I’m not going to start writing about sewing. Too much lingo.
Thanks for being out there!


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