Petites Annonces #1! Starring Peggy Shaw.

Classified ads. Perhaps the best value entertainment that exists.

Recently I’ve found that I have time to cruise the internet, which inevitably leads to classified ads. I love them – I’m not sure what it is that draws me to them, but I love the announcements boards in the entrances of grocery stores and malls, I always read the classifieds in the newspaper, and there are a couple of websites where I regularly check out what people are buying and selling in Gaspé. Part of it for me is the voyeuristic aspect of it – you get a little glimpse of what someone else bought that they no longer want or need. Why did they buy that Abdominizer? How long did they use it before deciding that they could use the 25$ to buy something better? What are they going to buy next time???

Or take our friend Peggy up there. Selling a scooter. And a 4-wheeler. She posts on facebook, giving no details about her items. Her presumed relative, Jonathan, replies to both ads, requesting a little bit more info, but not really that much (in the case of the 4-wheeler, he simply asks, “Un ti ou un gros” – “a big one or a little one”). Peggy promptly replies each time, and helpfully adds a little bit more information. What is their relationship? Why don’t they talk on the phone? Is Jonathan really interested in Peggy’s motorized vehicle collection, or is he helpfully prompting her to provide more information about her items? And why don’t the Shaws use punctuation?

I also love language. And I love learning a language, and also listening to other people learn a language. As I am a surrounded by francophones, I get ample opportunity to chuckle at some of the hilarious English I read/hear (and I get chuckled at quite a bit, as well).  You can imagine my delight upon finding that in Gaspé, often people write their classified ads in their second language.  Well – I hope it’s their second language.

I am pleased to introduce what I hope will become a somewhat regular feature on Stories – “Petites Annonces” as they say out here, or Classified Ads. These are, I swear, real ads that I found online. I have not altered the spelling, puncutation, or spacing in any way. The headings are mine, and I’ve deleted names/phone numbers (but if you’re interested in an item, let me know, maybe I can find the number! Don’t be shy!) I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. And if you come across any goodies, please share!

Most shops charge big bucks for that.

Hi just to let everyone know my autobody and paint shop is up and running we do full paint jobs,touch ups,oil treatments,sound systems,custom work,compound and wax,interior cleaning,we also do full color changes most shops charge big bucks for that.But not here come get your cheapest deal in autobody work. Also free estimation i will come to your door and check your car,truck,bike,ski doo,what ever it may be, call at 418-784-2xxxor send email

Poetry Equipment

The Community Center is selling their poetry equipement, It is in great shape, it is just taking up too much room!
There is 3 potery wheels, inclding an electric one, the potery oven, and some clay.
Package deal for 3000$ neg.  Don’t be shy if you are interested!


YOU HAVE ANTIQUE FOR SALE,just call 418-269-xxxx,and will go at your home to make prices with you,and i pay cash,PS. you make your price,i dont make any prices,because after i live your home i whant you to be please for the price that you maide thanks.

Academic Work in what, exactly?


I am looking for Annual honesty. I need around 20 fruits, fresh or dry, for an academic work.

Yes, I don’t quite get the difference between talking on the phone and using the internet

Yes i have 4×8 trailer that dumps all painted in new $250 and 8 foot fiber shell for pickup $250 call at 418-645-xxxx

Lysanne gets frustrated with Peggy’s lack of classified ad protocol:

Thanks Jocelyne for that precision on Peggy’s freezer.  Looks like Peggy needs a classified ad lesson.

Maybe if I tell everything about why I need the thing, someone will want to sell it to me! :

May i ask if thered is someone who has a used skooter for handicap a 3 wheeler because a 3 wheeler bends to go in a car you see i have had my 2 knees operated so i am not able to get around if the walk is long well thanks for letting me in your club

hi i am looking for anyone that would have a second hand washer in good condition for sale asp cause the one i have now works bad so if anyone would have anything please contact me through my e-mail thanks

Not sure why it hasn’t sold…

I’m gonna stop with Peggy Shaw now. But it’s a hard call. You can follow her here.

Sorry for those of you who do not speak French, but you can always use Google Translate, it works really well and things leads to perfection.

sorry. couldn’t resist one last update.


3 thoughts on “Petites Annonces #1! Starring Peggy Shaw.

  1. kate

    those are amazing! keep ’em coming…….these are a good use of my day. yes i have only wet and rotten fruit so can’t be helping with your Academic. too bad.

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