9 months in, 9 months out.

Elsie is 9 months old today. She’s been out as long as she was in, which makes me think that she should be used to things on the outside by now. I guess it’s not her fault she spends her days bonking her head on the floor, table, fridge, her sister’s. She’s learning to walk, for crying out loud! (and she does!)

mmmm, babies, man. make you wanna holla.

I don’t know if it’s spring, or what, but I am REALLY not into cooking and also not into writing –  as you may have gathered. Tonight I “made” tortellini with pesto sauce and some chopped up cherry tomatoes in it. Not really one to write home about. I am experimenting with the ice cream maker a friend lent me but even that fails to get me psyched about spending time in the kitchen. I manage to produce sustenance for my family but that’s about the extent of it.

Instead, I’m trying to plan our garden and our house renovations. And I’m reading about princesses and how they are destroying my daughters’ chances for equality and self-empowerment. I’m shopping for a new kayak in order to increase my own chances for self-empowerment. And I just spent the weekend with my percussion group Kilombo learning some spank new beats, and how to play a squash, maracatu-style, with Philippe Lonergan. At the end of all that, there has been little time for tapping away on the keyboard till the wee hours.

I do have a kick ass pear cake to share, but am just not into it. Oh, and I wanted to tell you about my friend Bri’s cupcakes and adventures, but she hasn’t sent me the recipe yet (for the cupcakes. I got my own recipe for adventure, but I forget what it is).

So friends,  off I go to get depressed about my daughters’ pink futures and to get a few winks in before Elsie begins her 10th month with a hearty wail at 4:30am. Do stay tuned, who knows, I may come back again with another story for my sister – who doesn’t cook what I write about anyway, so what’s the difference!



3 thoughts on “9 months in, 9 months out.

  1. P

    I always cook tortellini with pesto sauce and chopped up tomatoes! So there! If only you had included the “recipe,” I could have told you I’d cooked something else you’d written about.

    Also, I made the brownies.

    Finally, did you know that your name is spelled “Holly Mc Intire” on the Kilombo website?

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