Salade de fortune

The day I decided to start this blog was the day P asked me over gmail Chat what she could make from the limited and seemingly completely discordant ingredients in her fridge.

P: i have celery, potatoes, carrots,
apples, parmesan cheese, almond butter,
me: mmm beers
P: haha
pesto sauce, gatorade
cream cheese, soy sauce packets, eggs and really old potatoes that i cooked a few weeks ago.
so any ideas?

P is a law student and is currently studying for the Most Ridiculous Exam in the World. She therefore spends most of her time avoiding studying by trolling the cafés in her neighborhood with her computer where she inevitably ends up gmail chatting with me. She decided recently to buy a brand-new stove and cook things on it, so I thought I’d help her out by posting some of the yummy stuff that I have time to create here in my miniscule kitchen.

P: i have whatever grain you told me to buy before that i never used
me: barley
make some, it’s so good in a salad
you could put apples, pecans, celery, carrots in with the barley, and make a dressing…

Here is a photo of the barley salad P managed to concoct with my out-on-a-limb suggestion of a barley salad with almond butter vinaigrette:

I'm sure it didn't taste like grubs and larvae in a steam room...

She’s got some work to do on her presentation, but apparently it tasted good! Heidi Swanson, eat your heart out!

After she tried it and told me it was good, I was brave enough to try to make my own almond-butter vinaigrette for a wheatberry salad with beets and apples… That recipe perhaps to come, if I make it again, and can take a picture. Cause it was SO beautiful.

Next time I’ll see what I can do about a gatorade vinaigrette.

me: why you even HAVE gatorade is beyond me
P: let’s be realistic, none of this is going to happen in the near future
me: oh. well.
P: because i was hung over
me: ha!
P: on sunday
me: ????
oh the gatorade
P: yes


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